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AKL is a fully operational oilfield manufacturing facility.  We specialize in pumping jacks, tanks, and tubulars.

AKL is a complete ASME code manufacturing shop with the ability to manufacture any ASME vessel as well as repair any ASME vessel.  With on site engineering, AKL can work with clients to design code or non-code vessels to meet any needs the client might have.

AKL maintains a full line of oilfield tubular products including new API, new limited services, used drifted and tested casing and tubing ranging from 2 1/16” to 13 3/8”.  AKL also reconditions tubing and casing with capability to thread casing from 4 ½” to 13 3/8” 8 Round, perform API full length ID drift, hydrostatic pressure test casing and tubing as well as internally clean tubing.

If you have inquiries regarding our products or services, please contact our  and a representative will assist you with any and all questions you may have.




  • CAYLX Tank Battery Design
  • AKL Services completes the process of designing with the latest design software and technology a full tank battery grid to Caylx specs. Read more >>

  • Sogiant Pumping Units
  • AKL has been busy installing new Sogiant Pumping Units across 75 miles of Oklahoma's red dirt terrain.  Read more >>

  • 30 ton Feed Bins
  • For the Agricultural industry, AKL designs and manufactures 30 ton cattle feed bins. Read more >>

  • Deeprock Energy Resources
  • March, 2010 AKL Services, Inc. contracted with Deeprock Energy Resources L.L.C. to supply four 400 barrel LACT Unit oil storage tanks to be delivered at the end of March, 2020 to their new Oil Storage Facility located North of Cushing, Ok. Read more >>

  • Daan Sogiant Petromach
  • On August 31, 2009, AKL Services, Inc. and Sogiant Petroequip USA Corporation entered into an agreement where as AKL Services has become the distributor of the Daan Sogiant Petromach Co. Ltd. pumping units.  Read more >>